World’s Nine Wierdest Towns

Here you will know about the world’s nine weirdest towns. The word ‘town’ signifies the settlements, hamlets and villages the names of which are given below:

  1. Kowloon Walled City although destroyed in the year 1994 yet is said to have the highest populace on this planet.


2. A widespread retirement community with STDs and scandal – a village sheltering 100,000 inhabitants over 55 years.

2. a99008_villages
3. Cairo known for trash in its every part

4. Lily Dale Assembly in the New York town talking to dead

5. Mt. Oyama (a Japanese town) wherein every person put on gas mask

5. a99008_0806miyakejima06lavaschool1
6. One place located in California off the network completely

6. a99008_slabcity

7. Coober Pedy (the busy underground town is the world’s opal capital)

8. The Moroccan town painted in blue color

8. a99008_Chefchaouen-11[2]
9. Colma, CA is the town wherein the dead exceeds the living people.

9. a99008_colma


Credit: Michelle Nati

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