Weirdest Paintings Passed Off As Art

As anything else, the meaning of the word “art” is very vague. But many have attempted definitions. Some aver that videogames are not art, while pretty pictures, pornography, pottery, painting, artworks, hotdogs and the like are art.  While the earlier definitions are not fully convincing, the later ones given below now also fall short of acceptability. Let us see them.

Jackson Pollock’s Career:  A great American painter and the author of  “Action Paintings,” he has made a number of beautiful, complicated paintings. They are said to be worth some thousands of dollars. But common folk don’t understand or decode anything out of them. The question arises: Is it art?

Black Square And White On White: Painter Monk drew only geometric works. Prior to the above geometric art called Supermatism or White On White, pictures of people might have been the trend. Changing over from pictures to geometric shapes can not be accepted as art, according to some. Change always doesn’t mean acceptability, they argue. .

But many works are presented as art. “How many of them deserve to be art?” No answer with anybody so far.

Credit: Weirdworm


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