Wearing Agate Crystals  Is A Symbol Of Beauty, Value And Pride

Nature helps people in many ways by creating natural things for their adorning. Pearls, gems, diamonds, gold and many other rare metals and rocks are some of them. Similarly, agate’s colorful bands are formed by incremental deposits of various silicate materials inside an open crevice of a volcanic rock. The colors form when materials like copper and iron filter in with silicates and water with the resulting colors and the dynamic shape ending up in attractive designs and forms. Many look like beautiful landscapes. True to nature’s characteristics, this phenomenon frequently happens on micro and macro scales over time wherever such conducive atmosphere exists. Thus, vast shorelines or mammoth hills get replicated by nature in tiny forms as small agate crystals. Timeless and priceless, and most beautiful, they represent bigger edifices, but fitting on your palm or hanging around your neck, adding to your beauty.

agate_adore_pix agate_Captain_Tenneal agate_gods_paintings_in_stone agate_katpix agate_Kevin_McGee agate_Scott_Schreiber agate_silverhawk agate_stonesinmotion

Credit: My Modern Met

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