The Mysterious And Mesmerizing River Of Five Colors

It is unusual, rare and incredible that a flowing river turns into a combination of various colors. Colombians call this wonderful, colorful water as The River of Five Colors. Cano Cristales the crown of Columbia situated in a remote and inaccessible place is situated close to the tiny village called La Macarena National Park in the Colombian Meta area.

The sources of colors are like this. Dark river rocks give out black color, bottom sand yellow, mosses green and drizzling blue water. Its rare seasonal appearance of red brings its full beauty to life. The formation of the local red algae occurring during the wet and dry season change creates this continually changing miracle of colors. Sunlight during the change also makes its colors more pronounced.

You can enjoy the full beauty of this mesmerizing water and its wayside waterfalls if you take a flight along the path of the running river.

Credit: Wikipedia

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