Street Artists Do Artworks On Street Walls For Easy Access And Appreciation By The Commoner

Possibly for taking art to the street and common man providing him easy access, street artists took up doing art works on the walls of the street in June, this year. Captioned, “Vitality and Verve: Transforming The Landscape,” the move speaks for the zeal of a select group of artists who are either bringing out the urban art elements to the street walls away from the confines of the elite studios or who plan to use street walls on par with studios for spreading the art works among common folk in simple ways.

 According to Ron Nelson of the Long Beach Museum of Art, “Most works of this exhibition are made on our gallery walls both using conventional and non-conventional art media. When one phase of the exhibition is completed, the walls will be readied with repainting for the next exhibition. So, needlessly, the art connoisseurs are to see every artwork before it ends.”

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More Info and credit to: Audrey Kawasaki James Bullough  Esao Andrews  Alex Yanes Brendan Monroe  SABER  Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins  Cryptik  Andrew Schoultz  NoseGo 

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