Some Mesmerizing Natural Arches All Around The World

You may find a healthy number of natural arches all over the world. No matter whether they are large, gigantic and impressive or small and delicate, these awesome creations of Mother Nature are the visual proof of the beauty of the earth.

Such natural arches generally are structured by selective and natural deletion of the rocks even though such 10 natural arches appear to be intentionally created so that they seem to be natural. These mesmerizing natural arches are outstandingly beautiful and need to be visited once in lifetime. El Arco de Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, The Rock of Raouché in Lebanon, Cathedral Cove in New Zealand, London Arch in Australia, Durdle Door in UK and Pont d’Arc in France are some of the illustrations.

Credit: Jennifer Houston 

El Arco de Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

The Rock of Raouché, Lebanon

Cathedral Cove, New Zealand

London Arch, Australia

Durdle Door, UK

Pont d’Arc, France

La Portada, Chile

Double Arch, USA

The Azure Window, Malta

Shipton’s Arch, China

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