See The Most Beautiful Trees In The World

Trees are part of our lives. There are so many kinds of trees on earth we haven’t never seen or heard. Some they are just so wonderful and beautiful by its natures. Some trees, when we see them, make us feel as if we were in the heaven or somewhere else outside this world.

Have you ever experienced seeing the wonderful trees in this world? If not then you should look into the magnificent trees such as the Sakuras followed by nearly 1400 years ancient tree in the mid of an unfriendly desert located in Jordan, superb Magnolias, Araucaria located in South Chile, Cotton Tree, Tree of the Tule which is more than 200 years old. Other beautiful trees include the Moss Trees located in the Avery Island of Lousiana, the Japanese Gardens in Portland, the Lapacho Tree in Paraguay, Yellow-Ip? in Brazil. When you view these beautiful trees then you will feel as if out of the world.

Dragonblood Trees, Yemen
Credit: Csilla Zelko


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