Relationship Between Human And Nature

I,Vilija Vitkute and Swedish photographer Adam Alexander Johansson hit upon a project called “What do you run for?” Body painting and photography were the twin tools we used for taking this message to the public. We made for this a 10-day road journey to Arizona and California when we had opportunities to learn about the many facets of nature and the urban life.
We strongly felt that only apparent harmony prevails with nature, and that something needed to be done for restoring nature to its original glory. Going back millennia, we wanted to chalk out ways for avoiding nature from sliding down to irretrievable abyss.

We are now at a time when nature’s resources get fast depleted, and when we have less and less of time to ponder over this.

So, no more procrastination. The time has now come when you have to call a halt to your “busy life.” We do hope saner counsel would prevail and make you pause and ponder for a while to do something for nature’s reclamation in our own interest.

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Credit: Vilja | Vilja Facebook and Adam | Adam Facebook

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