Quirky Painters And Their Quixotic Techniques

World over, painters adopt funny, weird and sometimes incredibly naked ways of doing their painting works. We will study here a few such methods.Man paints with his penis: Australian artist Tim Patch calling himself as “Pricasso”imagines himself as Picasso the great artist, paints using his penis for the frontal arts, and bums for the backgrounds. He applies this technique in road artworks, sex trade shows and live demonstrations, though somewhat nauseating. Vomit painter Millie Brown consumes colored milk and vomits on canvas forming designs.Using a basketball, Hong Yi makes a painting of Yao Ming, a basketball player.

Brazilian street artist Vinicius Quesada makes paintings using blood and urine. Some artists in Ukraine dive under Black Sea water using gears and make paintings. Then, American artist Kira Ayn Varszegi paints using her breasts,  Ani K paints with his tongue, Artist Chris Truman does painting using 200,000 dead ants, Chinese painter Xiang Chen paints using his eyelids, and Val Thompson mixes her friends’ ashes in the paints and uses the combination for her paintings.

pricasso-penis-painter hugh-hefner-3 A man who uses his penis to paint a picture A man uses his penis to paint a picture1 CoAKTGaVUAA4Rf_

Credit: Pricasso

ant-painting4 ant-painting3 ant-painting2 ant-painting

Credit: Spooky

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Credit: Millie Brown | Daily Mail

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Credit: Daily Mail

vinicius-quesada-1[3] vinicius-quesada-2[2] vinicius-quesada-3[3] vinicius-quesada-4[3] vinicius-quesada-5[3] vinicius-quesada-6[7] vinicius-quesada-7[3] vinicius-quesada-8[3] vinicius-quesada-9[3] vinicius-quesada-10[3] vinicius-quesada-11[3] vinicius-quesada-12[3]

Credit: My Modern Met

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