Famous Places you should see in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a landlocked country located in South and Central Asia with many beautiful places for tourists to visit. The following places are just some of other beautiful places you should visit when you get in this country.


Bamiyan was the former site of an early Hindu and Buddhist monastery. The Bamiyan means that “The Place of Shining Light. There are many statues of Buddha on the cliff sides facing to the town. Bamiyan locates in the central Afghanistan. It’s also known as the region of Hazarajat. Unfortunately, the statues of Buddha are sadly ruined and destroyed by Taliban. However, this place is still worthy to visit. Its people are really friendly, and place is safe to visit.


Band-e-Amir National Park

Band-e-Amir National Park is the best national park of Afghanistan. In the winter, it’s frozen and so beautiful. And in the Summer, it’s really awesome. There are many activities that we can enjoy there, we can do swimming, picnic, and camp. In this area, there are 6 lakes surrounded by mountainous desert with the clearest blue water. With the beautiful landscape and the color which changes every season, make this place is the best beautiful place to visit in Afghanistan. The people around this place are very friendly, and the place is also safe to visit.

Photo Credit: Calvin Wihelm

Blue Mosque

The attraction of Mazar-I Sharif is the Bule Mosque. It’s such a beautiful shrine. To visit here is not easy because you may be asked to pronounce the formula to become a Moslem. However, just walking around the shrine to take a look its beauty is worthy to do it. If you’re in Mazar, it’s a place you must to visit. It’s a calm and beautiful place. The best time to visit there is during New Year Festival. The entire complex looks so wonderful, and the place to feed the pigeons is awesome, all pigeons are white. People here like to tell you the story the arrival of pigeons and stories related to this place. People here are very welcoming and friendly. The security is pretty safe to visit here.

3. Mosque

Friday Mosque

Friday Mosque is one of the biggest attraction in Herat. The architecture is really brilliant. The mosque has beautiful blue tiles with different wonderful shapes and designs. It will make you feel amazed when you just walk around and in. The place is well maintained to reflect its amazing beauty. It’s mostly secure for a short if you’re wearing Afghani clothes. The mosque is well worth the time. It’s worthy to visit. The best time of the day to see the great view of this place is the beauty at the sun sets. It’s really beautiful at this time, the softer light really makes the orange colors of the clay and tile designs glow. All in all, it’s a place you must see if you’re in Herat. It’s restored beautifully.

4. Friday-Mosque-In-Herat-Afghanistan-1600x1028

Kabul Museum

When you go somewhere, you should learn something there. Kabul Museum is the best place to learn and understand about Afghanistan history and culture. There are many items and artifacts are damaged, and being restored. This National Museum is the firm witness to show a rich civilization of Afghanistan. So we recommend you to visit there when you get in this country. It’s worthy to visit. It tell a lot of things about Afghanistan fostering the growth of plentiful cultures and civilizations.


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