Mythical Places You Can Visit Right Now

Mythology quotes several places where the heroes, leaders, kings, queens, warriors and in some cases special emissaries go in search of peace, wealth, beauty, happiness, treasure, supernatural persons, fun, fancy and utopian things.

Most narratives also carry moral lessons, tales of adventure, heroism, and exploits to achieve big and rare things. For example, Atlantis, Valhalla, Shangri-la and other paradise worlds are shown time and again in documentaries, movies, TV serials, and Games for the people to know how rare and difficult certain things prove when it comes to achieving something in the world. They are so attractive and adventurous that the moment you hear some stories, you immediately jump start to go to that mythological location. You can find here some such places of interest.

Mount Olympus, Home of the Gods in Greek mythology, is a high mountain where God is supposed to dwell and where men dread to tread; and Troy, the site of the Trojan War really situated in Turkey where Trojan war was fought and where heroes like Odysseus were made; and much more.

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Roanoke Colony

The Fountain of Youth

Gates of Hell

Middle Earth (The Shire)

Atlantis of the Sands

Hindu Kingdom of God

Mount Olympus, Home of the Gods


Troy, Site of the Trojan War

Themiscyra, Home to Wonder Woman

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