Awesome 3D Pavement Illusions

Anamorphosis is a type of projection employed to create 3D illusions from appropriate angles. Here, four artists create various 3D illusions out of one art, using the above technique.

Edgar Muller, the artist creates sharks jumping from pavements, chasms bisecting suburban, butterfly sitting on a chasm, and streets and towns with heavy inundation.

Kurt Wenner, the American artist, architect, and former NASA Illustrator converts street artworks into magical and mythical Baroque spiritual wall paintings and Salvor Daliesque dream images.

Manfred Stader of Frankfurt is a qualified master street painter. With his rich acumen, he has participated in painting competitions and advertising campaigns the world over.

Julian Beever, the most famous UK-based artist, is an avid creator of street art paintings. A freelancer, he creates wall paintings for companies across many countries.

Credit: Oddee


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