Kluane National Park and Reserve

Kluane National Park and Reserve locate in the extreme southern corner of Yukon, Canada.  Klaune National Park and Reserve are two units of national park system in Canada. It was established in 1972. Now, they become famous tourist destination in Canada. The whole park is covered 82% by mountains and ice. The largest non-polar ice fields on the planet is here. There are many activities that this park provides tourists such as hiking and camping,  hiking and cabins, and canoeing.

When you get in there to hike, you will feel as if this park was built by the Gods to be hiked for everyone of all levels of hikers. If you are a serious backpacking sort, going deep into the remote regions of the park where there no trails, only routes, is good for you. Among the alpine tundra where you can camp and leave no trace of your passing. If you wish to see hanging glaciers, impressive cirques, and possibly some of the mammals that live in this part of the park, you need to follow a route through the Coast Mountains. If you want an extreme experience, you can take a longer hike to experience the Donjek route, which you can see the toe of the majestically impressive glacier. If you don’t sleep on the ground, you can stay in a comfy cabin at night, which tour guides arrange for. The lakes in Kluanes’s greenbelt are excellent for catching lake trout, pike, where you can have the whole lake to yourself.


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