Highest Lakes In The World Above Sea-level

When you think of water bodies, you tend to think that they are big pits formed below sea level where all water from rain is supposed to flow down and fill up. But when surrounded by hills and mountains, such waterbodies form and get contained even thousands of meters above sea level posing as natural miracles.

Mostly formed in volcanoes thousands of years ago, they are home to many microorganisms, flora and fauna. Explorers also do trekking and mountaineering in the hills and mountains bordering those lakes. Some lakes are considered sacred and hence visited by people. Others do diving and other exploits  for historical reasons. All such lakes are called “highest lakes” of the world thanks to those reasons.

A few such high lakes are listed here.

Damavand Pool, Iran which is 5,650 m above sea level; Poquentica Lake Bolivia/Chile border 5750m above sea level situated on a volcano; Ridonglabo Lake, Tibet which is 5,801 m above sea level; Aguas Calientes Pool, Chile situated 5831 m above sea level; Lake Licancabur, Bolivia-Chile border situated 5,916m above sea level and much more..

Credit: SmashingLists

Acamarachi Pool, Chile

Aguas Calientes Pool, Chile

Changtse Pool, Tibet

Damavand Pool, Iran

East Rongbuk Pool, Tibet

Lhagba Pool, Tibet

Lake Licancabur, Bolivia/Chile

Nevado Ojos del Salado, Argentina

Poquentica Lake, Bolivia/Chile

Ridonglabo Lake, Tibet

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