Famous Places You Should Visit in Alabama

Not so different from other Southern States, Alabama is a wonderful state with a rich history and mix of cultural traditions. For thousands of years before Europeans reached the country, the state was colonized. Also, it became quickly one of the biggest cotton producing states in the U.S. If you go to visit this state, the following places are recommended for you to visit. However, there are so many other beautiful places you should visit.

 Valley Church Beach

Valley Church Beach is the amazing beach with the crystal clear water. The length of the beach isn’t long, but we can walk on the beach which sand is very soft to get the best view. We can swim freely in the shallow water on the sandbank. Also, with the great view of the mountains next to the beach, it will make you feel wonderful. However, the beach is very nice and beautiful, but the problem is the cost, everything is very expensive.

1. Valley Church Beach

 The Chickasaw State Park

The Chickasaw State Park is one of the famous places in Alabama that every visitor should visit. It locates in Marengo country, Alabama. There are many activities you can do such hiking trails, also if you go with your children, there is a wading pool for them, and playground equipment, all these are some of the features of this park. It’s worthy to visit so don’t miss this park if you go to visit Alabama.

2. filename-1-jpg-thumbnail0

 Orange Beach

Do you need a family vocation? Here is the best place for you and your family to visit. Orange Beach is located in Baldwin Country, Alabama, US. There are many options for you to choose. You can camp or stay in a variety of beach houses and hotel. Nightlife here is so wonderful and amazing, family entertainment to rocking roadhouse, also there are free concerts, dancing and listen to music. It’s just really amazing. It’s a place where every visitor wants to get a perfect holiday.

3. Orange Beach

 Birmingham Museum of Art

Do you like arts? The Birmingham Museum of Art is a place that every visitor should see.  It was founded in 1951. It is the one of the finest collections in Southeast U.S. The exhibition offers more than 24,000 paintings, including new painting as well, prints, sculptures, decorative arts and drawings.

4. Birmingham_-_Museum_and_Art_Gallery

 US Space and Rocket Center

Among attractions that charge admission, the U.S Space and Rocket Center is the top tourist attraction of Alabama located in Huntsville.  It’s the birthplace of America’s space program. It was opened in 1970s as NASA center. The museum offers the information about the Center and shows the hardware of the United States programs. Almost 16 million people have visited the Center annually since dozens of interactive exhibits are held in the center. So if you are curious about how their programs,  just visit there to get the answer.

 5. USSRC_Rocket_Park



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