Beautiful  Street Art By Traveling Chinese Artist DALeast

Chinese-born street artist DALeast with his work recognizable for its unique painting styles has left a trail of stunning 3D graffiti over several countries. Based in South Africa, this 29-year artist travels around the world for half-a-year, painting his graffiti art works everywhere. Each work appears made out of thousands of metal shards ultimately shaping as animals, humans and birds. Known as DALeast, his real name is unknown till this date. He does his projects always in a hurry fearing police arrest anytime. He is ready to take it in its stride and he has no fears about it.

 His special views about art are different making him a special man:” I create illusions through my paintings which can be a trigger to people’s minds. I like to express life emotions using varied artistic forms to speak. Finally, I want people to be staring at my work which means they accept my works.”

DaLeast DaLeast1

street-art-DALeast-1 street-art-DALeast-2 street-art-DALeast-3 street-art-DALeast-4 street-art-DALeast-5 street-art-DALeast-6 street-art-DALeast-7 street-art-DALeast-8 street-art-DALeast-9 street-art-DALeast-10 street-art-DALeast-12 street-art-DALeast-13 street-art-DALeast-14 street-art-DALeast-15 street-art-DALeast-16 street-art-DALeast-17 street-art-DALeast-18

Credit: DA Least

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