Beautiful Island Countries In The World You Can Visit

Island countries are a class by themselves, which are embodiment of natural sceneries, water sports, unparalleled breeze, beaches and a horde of amenities and fun games. As the summer is fast nearing, visiting any one close to your location will be a worthy proposition. A few such most beautiful island countries are recalled here reminding you to pay a visit sooner than later.

Malta, the south European Mediterranean country with mountains, walled cities, underground tunnels, works of architecture and water sports; Australia with wonderful beaches, canyons, forests, rich culture and people; The Maldives with volcanoes, beaches and a good honeymoon destination; Cuba with beautiful beaches, coral reefs, snorkeling and scuba diving facilities; Japan where the East and the West meet; and more offer you fabulous facilities, fun and enjoyment in unique ways. You can plan a visit to a nearby island country.

Credit: Diana White






The Maldives


The Philippines

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