Artists Joe Mangrum Does Beautiful Sand Paintings That Will Be Undone By The Wind In A Trice

Artist Joe Mangrum makes his artistic works and designs on the sand by pouring colored sands from his hand. Other tools used in the process are circular compass, colored sand  and mixed biological  design elements that remind the spectator of the Buddhist mandalas making a grand spectacle. Inspiration for the above effort comes from the undersea marine life,and carnivorous plants  giving out electrical pulses, the artist adds. The artwork’s ephemeral character throws some pertinent questions raising doubts in our mind.

In Spite of the labour and time taken, this sand art work lasts for temporary periods till strong winds blow or rains pour or urchins play disturbing the design and color. So, is it worth taking all the trouble? Though of fleeting nature, are they really attached to us even for brief spells? More philosophical questions like this rock us leaving us in a lurch.

sand-paintings-joe-mangrum-3 sand-paintings-joe-mangrum-4 sand-paintings-joe-mangrum-5 sand-paintings-joe-mangrum-10 sand-paintings-joe-mangrum-12 sand-paintings-joe-mangrum-13 sand-paintings-joe-mangrum-14 sand-paintings-joe-mangrum-15 sand-paintings-joe-mangrum-17 sand-paintings-joe-mangrum-22 sand-paintings-joe-mangrum-23 sand-paintings-joe-mangrum-29 sand-paintings-joe-mangrum-30

Credit:  Joe Mangrum

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