Amazing Living Root Nature’s Bridges In India

Deep in the Meghalaya, India’s rainforests, literally and figuratively, bridges are not built using bricks and mortar, but grown in natural ways providing paths across rivers and canals. They use the live roots of the growing trees. It is bio-engineering, or a natural solution given working with nature, using natural resources without toppling down the eco-balance.

The main materials used are the trees’ live and growing roots of rubber trees which are interlaced intricately which further grow and get strengthened making strong bridges. Being live trees’ live roots, there is no question of rotting, drying or snapping of the materials. In fact the bridge becomes stronger as the trees and their roots grow. Throughout the forests cape, the trend is in vogue.

Credit: Rex Reatures

Credit: Rex Features

Credit: Rex Features

Credit: Wiki Commons

Credit: Kkseema

Credit: Unknown

Credit: Raj Rao

Credit: BBC

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