Amazing Landscapes Painted On Logs

Alison Moritsugu, the New York-based artist’s paintings of idyllic and pastoral landscapes on logs and stumps replicate the buoyancy and optimism that marked the lives and artworks of 18th and 19th centuries. Seeing her beautiful artworks then, one can easily comment about the beautiful way of how people viewed and loved nature.  But, when we weigh her current paintings done on rough surface and unrefined cross sections of trees, we feel that the the good old times of environment and nature, and the celebratory mood are lost. She so laments in her artist’s statement.

Using this beautiful comparison, she stresses our lack of attention to protect nature and environment. Though pictures of green forests and pristine beaches are presented for our viewing, it is highly doubtful if such natural beauties will continue to exist so in future also. We have to wake up and do something to protect nature.

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Credit: Alison Moritsugu

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