A Beautiful Natural Water Source

Nature always has fascinated man. One of the most fascinating things on this planet is water. Waterfalls, oceans, rivers or lakes all of them add beauty to earth.  Here in this article are the 10 most beautiful lakes found around the world like Shangrila Lake located in Shangrila Resort Skardu region of Pakistan and Five Flower lake located in Jiuzhaigou Valley in China these lakes are all beautiful and stunning sights. Perhaps the most beautiful of them all is the The Plitvice Lakes in Cortia which is actually part natural and part man made and combines various different lakes.

Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Plitvice-Lake-Croatia-e1387571196241 plitvice-lakes-national-park-croatia-outdoor-hiking-trails-adventure-sport-14

Credit: Hoicoffee

Tekapo Lake, New Zealand


Credit: 4K-wallpaper

Melissani Lake, Greece

fixedw_large_4x (1) fixedw_large_4x

Credit: Trover

Yucatan Cave Lake, Mexico

Ik_Kil_Cenote Ik-Kil.cenote.mexico Ik-Kil.mexico Yucatan-lake Yucatan-Mexico

Credit: Feel-Planet

Pink Lake, Australia

Pink-Lake-2 Pink-Lake-3 Pink-Lake-7

Credit: World Visits

Baikal Lake, Russia

Bankoboev.Ru_prozrachnaya_glad_na_ozero_baikal breathtaking_photos_lake_baikal_siberia_russia16 ??. ?????? ? ?????, ?????? (View of Baikal Lake with Sayan Mount  lake-baikal-russia-91383

Credit: SPB-Rossitour

Peyto Lake, Canada

19-jpg 24-jpg 25-jpg

Credit: BoomsBeat

Five Flower Lake, China

Five.Flower.Lake Five.Flower.Lake.original.12038 Five.Flower.Lake.original.12040 Five-tower lake

Credit: ThousandWonders

Shangrila Lake, Pakistan

Shangrila-Pakistan Shangrila-Resort Shangrila-Resorts Shangrila-Resorts-Pakistan Shangrila-Skardu-Pakistan

Credit: World for Travel

Lake Tahoe, United States

A_view_of_Lake_Tahoe_from_Crystal_bay Emerald_Bay North_Lake_Tahoe_Aerial_photo_D_Ramey_Logan Secret_Beach_-_Lake_Tahoe_East_Shore Tahoe_North_Shore_from_the_East_Shore

Credit: WikiPedia

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