10 Exciting Homes From The World

Since history, people have visited many places – from caves to the flats presently. Some try to be creative owing to physical restrictions such as unusual or small space or other reasons. If you want some inspiration to build your own home then here are some of the exciting house designs from the world:

Transparent House (Japan)

1. unusual-homes-4-3 1. unusual-homes-4-4 1.unusual-homes-4-2

Skateboard House (USA)

2. unusual-homes-2-2 2. unusual-homes-2-3 2.unusual-homes-2-1

Slimmest House in the world (Poland)

3.unusual-homes-10-1 3.unusual-homes-10-2 3.unusual-homes-10-3 3.unusual-homes-10-5 3.unusual-homes-10-73.unusual-homes-10-9

Old Water Tower Set To Modern Home (Belgium)

4.unusual-homes-5-1 4.unusual-homes-5-2 4.unusual-homes-5-3 4.unusual-homes-5-4

Home inspired by Dick Clark’s Flintstones (USA)

5.unusual-homes-3-1 5.unusual-homes-3-2 5.unusual-homes-3-3 5.unusual-homes-3-4

Smallest 1 sq. m home (Germany)

6.unusual-homes-6-1 6.unusual-homes-6-2 6.unusual-homes-6-3 6.unusual-homes-6-4 6.unusual-homes-6-5

Slide House (Japan)

7.unusual-homes-7-1 7.unusual-homes-7-2 7.unusual-homes-7-47.unusual-homes-7-3

Stone House (Portugal)

8.unusual-homes-9-1 8.unusual-homes-9-2 8.unusual-homes-9-3

Churched turned to Modern Family Home (Holland)

9.unusual-homes-1-1 9.unusual-homes-1-2 9.unusual-homes-1-3 9.unusual-homes-1-4 9.unusual-homes-9-1

Giant Seashell House (Mexico)

10.unusual-homes-8-1 10.unusual-homes-8-2 10.unusual-homes-8-3 10.unusual-homes-8-4 10.unusual-homes-8-5 10.unusual-homes-8-6

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